What has the world of exercise and fitness become??? Do you ever contemplate where you fit in? I do….

Are those mirror gym selfies mandatory? How often is too often to lift you shirt to check for abs? Should you WOD almost kill you? Do you really need that much weight on the bar? I found a class or exercise that I like doing, why can't I do it all the time?…. I mean it is better than nothing…. Right? I just take this belly flat drink and I am good to go?

Who's to blame?…… everyone?….

I think fitness has become so trendy and full of gimmicks that it leaves the average person feeling…. Well, stuck just finding which way to go. You think about the “fitness expert” like myself… I want to help people. I live for helping client reach new levels, figuratively and literally. But sometimes that can be challenging, convincing individuals that they need to not only be patient to achieve results and goals…. Annnnnd it will cost you…a lot…. Are you kidding me? Who wants to hear that? The average person actually doesn't believe they have the time or money.
There has to be an easier way right?…. I mean, There has to be. (I mean as far as they know, they don't need it)

Where I fail to bring in a client. I have a moment of self doubt… a feeling as if maybe I could have done something different… but it is an uphill battle. People look at the covers of magazines. Not to mention visuals all over social media “Get the body you want in a week!” “Just do these workouts…” “drink this and watch the weight come off”. The list goes on and on, I mean it is tempting… How could you not try?

I’ve seen clients come and go. Most come back, having spent more money and have wasted a lot of the time they thought they didn't have… I try not to give them the smug “I told you so face” but I don't have a great poker face… I said I try! But there are others, that will continue down that rabbit hole. Hopping from one trend to another (pun intended) Even though I an aware of the fitness trends and traps, it hard to avoid them. I too struggle with when and how to workout… what to eat. There is so much information to absorb as a trainer as well. How much of the information is informative?…. How much of it is reaching?…. And how much is just repackaged information with a new name?

I just want to be great! I preach patience & consistency… consistence ain't easy. I don't know about you but I am not looking forward to cooking meals on Sunday and seeing what that food taste like on Friday. How do I properly approach social media? Do I give clean informative post? Or do I show that I can lift as much weight as the other guy ( I really want to). And at the end of the day I am a salesman… but how far do you take that? There is always the tempting proposal for being paid to promote a product even though I'd never use and think it is a joke. but the average fitness goer would love to waste money on…. I mean, daddy has bills to pay!

No! No! No! Stay on course Jibreel…. Don't break…. Stay current but don't get trendy…. Know what's out there…. You can inspire more people than you lose… not all fitness gimmick and trends are ridiculous……. I mean there is that one…. And that thing…… yeah, and that is pretty dumb…. And why would people even do that?!…. Sigh.

Sorry if I was all over the place…. I just needed to vent…. Fitness is a dddddddrrrrrraaaaagggggg

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