About Jibreel.

Jibreel holds a B.S. in Health Science from Howard University with a focus on Pre-physical therapy. He has worked in the health and training field for 10 plus years. While in college he developed a deep curiosity about how physical performance could be improved and started on the path to becoming a personal trainer. Working with clients, Jibreel quickly learned that in the real world, not every individual is an athlete, but everyone has health and fitness goals, often related to appearance.

Working with individuals and groups, Jibreel came to realize that each person also has unique needs and obstacles related to their body's functioning, and their own history with health and exercise. He tailors his approach based on what best motivates and inspires you. Jibreel's goal as a personal trainer is not simply to focus on "what" a client is looking to accomplish, but "how" the client will build and develop their mental and physical functioning to make that goal attainable. Jibreel is dedicated to helping individuals with their motivation and education about health and wellness to ensure they feel and perform better everyday, throughout their entire lives.