Jibreel was great to train with and really made working out a fun experience. We would do different things in every session, from cardio, to boxing, to weight training. I would highly recommend him if you're looking  for a change in your typical workout routine and want to get in shape.

A personal trainer that pays attention to all the details you won't catch on your own. He has improved all aspects of my workout and it has benefitted my fitness, strength, posture, and flexibility.

Jibreel is a wonderful trainer who pushes you to achieve your physical best without making it seem like work or army drills. He keeps the sessions moving quickly while still challenging and is also really funny!

As someone who doesn't usually enjoy working out I can tell you Jibreel makes each session fun and challenging. He is a kind and empathetic trainer---but will push you to achieve your fitness goals. I have never seen faster results with any other trainer or program, and would recommend him to those of all fitness levels.

In 2014, I had reached my ultimate high in weight and was fed up with it. I was doing all the classes at the gym but wasn't getting the results I needed.  I decided to give personal training a try.
From the moment I met Jibreel, I was very impressed by his passion to help clients, his knowledge, and his ability to connect with his clients. Jibreel is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. He encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet he knows how much I am capable of. I owe him a great deal.

As a long-time runner, who has neglected core workouts for 20 years, my work with Jibreel has changed the way I approach running and my life. Each training session is different, challenging- yet obtainable, keeps my interest, and teaches me proper form. Additionally, Jibreel is kind, knowledgeable, passionate about his work, and cares for the people he trains. I appreciate the time I spend working out with him because he helps me to be a stronger runner, mom, woman, and administrator.

Jibreel will help you achieve results customized to whatever you are training for: improved health, race, strength, or weight. He builds a complete program for each client and you will see improvements beyond what you expected.

Jibreel has always been a great motivator. His professionalism is unmatched and he's passionate about my own personal goals, physically and mentally.

I’ve been working out with Jibreel for well over a year. Before I met him, I had worked out by myself or with friends, done boot camps, and tried MMA workouts, but I could never stick with them. When I started working out with Jibreel, he asked me about my personal goals, and since then his focus has been on helping me meet them, and it’s been much easier to stay on course. No two workouts are the same—there is no cookie-cutter approach here. And the results are tangible—I’ve slimmed down, I’m stronger, and my wife can attest to the fact that I no longer have soft shoulders. Jibreel is demanding and I like to be pushed to my limit sometimes, but he’s not a drill sergeant. He also knows when to tell me to back off and take it easy. On top of all that, Jibreel is a really great guy and a pleasure to work out with. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get fit and stay fit.

I moved to DC a few years ago, out of shape and out of sorts.  That changed immediately when I began training with Jibreel. He’s an expert at assessing your fitness level and knowing exactly how hard he can push you to get the best results.  Each workout he designed for me was new, challenging, and fun. In addition, Jibreel’s just a great, great guy -- kind, funny, and great to talk to.  With Jibreel’s help, I lost two inches off my waist, added pounds of muscle, and went in three months from being a couch potato to completing my first Tough Mudder.  Jibreel rocks.

Jibreel has the unique ability to tailor my work-outs to fit my needs. I’m big on cardio, and though I know he’d rather focus on weights, he’s able to sneak boot-camp style interval workouts into my session so that I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds.

Jibreel has been my favorite personal trainer that I’ve ever worked with. He is truly an excellent trainer. He brings the perfect amount of toughness balanced with his warm and outgoing personality. Jibreel didn’t only work on my physical gains, but also my emotional and mental ones a well - he focused on big picture and my overall development and growth. Every workout was always successful, leaving me energized for the rest of my day ahead! Jibreel made working out enjoyable, and most importantly FUN!

Jibreel is truly a rare find in a trainer.  He is not just skilled at finding just the right exercises, pushing me just hard enough but never beyond what I can handle. At the same time, he is incredibly in tune with the psychology of exercise.  He seems to always know when the gym needs to be a refuge from the mental stress in my life.   His focus on mind and body has been an incredibly positive influence in my life.

I trained with Jibreel for almost 4 years before I moved out of state. He really kept me motivated and made training fun and something to look forward to! On top of that- each session made me feel stronger and feel more confident about myself. Best trainer in the area!!!!

Jibreel's approach to training is based on respect and understanding of individual needs, with a focus on sustainability. Seven years ago, I had barely entered a gym since college, and still remembered my childhood hatred of gym class (as Jibreel can attest!)  Since I started working with him, I've gotten stronger and more fit.  I changed my eating habits, lost 30 pounds, and have maintained a healthy weight for the past five years.  I now exercise several times a week in addition to walking most days.
Jibreel gave me an exercise program tailored to my personality and abilities, that was challenging but not overwhelming.  I can do many of the exercises with minimal equipment, at home or when traveling--which means I actually do them--and he continues to teach me new exercises to keep things fresh and build a variety of strengths and skills. Thanks to his supportive approach, I feel in control of the fitness process.  Respect, knowledge, authenticity, humor: these are the qualities that make Jibreel a great wellness coach as well as a great trainer.

Appreciate the Journey in Health and Wellness.

On the road to a healthier life, there are many peaks, valleys, twists and turns. Be wary of the shortcuts and signs along the way offering the absolute solution to the best you; "In just this many days!",  "By taking this pill…", "If you just do this one thing…".  Remember that we are all individuals - what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. Let's find YOUR path!

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